Corey Lynn Calter & Krysten Ritter

One of my favorite LA designers Corey Lynn Calter did a collaboration on a dress with actress Krysten Ritter and today they celebrated with a luncheon at the Chateau Marmont. The all girl crowd was super cute and all dressed in Corey’s signature stylish vintage-meets-music-chic frocks perfect for days in the sun as well as nights in Hollywood. Anna Farris, Sophia Bush, Sara Rue, Rachael Leigh Cook and Shiva Rose joined some of our favorite journalists, stylists and editors to toast the talented designing duo. More pretty pics from the party here…

Anna Farris with Krysten

Corey and Krysten

Rachael Leigh Cook

Sara Rue

Shiva Rose

Sophia Bush and Corey

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2 Responses to Corey Lynn Calter & Krysten Ritter

  1. Karen says:

    Great girls’ (and one boy) luncheon!

  2. Hellin Kay says:

    Thx honey!! Just seeing all these awesome comments now 🙂 There was so much spam in my inbox and this new fabulous computer web gal I hired to help me with some stuff set up a new filter so I actually see the comments from real people!! 🙂 xoxo

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