Delphine Manivet

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I love getting a reminder of just how small and wonderful the world really is. A few days ago Nikki Deloach, who I work with in LA, sent me a text asking me to check out her friends collection for us to use in the future. Delphine Manivet is an old friend of hers from Paris and when I looked at her dresses online I fell in love and also realized that I was invited to her bridal fashion show this week in NY. So yesterday I went to Delphine’s beautiful runway show on the rooftop of the Gramercy Hotel, where I was wowed by the entire line up. I have also decided I want to get married in one of her dresses. The vibe is very country shabby chic beautiful for both weddings and Saturday afternoons wandering on the beach or reading on your porch before heading to a fabulous country dinner in the South of France (where I will be honeymooning in my dresses). I am nothing if not a fan of flowy dresses and sheer gowns layered with chunky knits. It’s a sexy, feminine vibe I know and love all too well. Delphine below, backstage after her show, blowing a kiss to Nikki in LA, who will surely be wearing one of her dresses next time you see her on the carpet. I love these two.


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