Erin Featherston & Timo Weiland Spring 2015

erin 16

Blue is taking home the prize as the color of the season. Ditto baby pinks, pastels and crisp whites. There are lots of pretty pleats and lace going around as well, which I am a big fan of. Timo Weiland and Donna Kang found their groove in a perfect blend of the sportswear inspired pieces we love them for but this time gave them a sexy feminine sophistication that should serve them well when the buyers come around. The navy blue trench coat and pink pleated skirt are gorgeous, along with the baby blue Walter Steiger heels. Erin Featherston showed a beautiful feminine flowery collection with the 50’s undertone she does so well. I loved it all, especially the lace and flowers. #Pretty

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Erin Featherston

timo 1timo 2timo 3timo 4timo 10timo 13timo 16timo 17timo 23timo 27
Timo Weiland

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