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Andreis Gursky-Fortuna

If you indulged in summer Tuesdays like I did and watched way too many games during the World Cup competition happening in Brazil the last two weeks you know the highlights. Aside from the head butts, bloody noses, biting (what?!?), an unfortunate lower back injury during the last Brazil game, that heartbreaking last minute 30 second goal, and uh, big balls flying all over the place, the slow motion playbacks were just one of the many mesmerizing moments of the game. It got me thinking that the guys and girls working those boards must have gone to film school because the playbacks became a John Woo’esque ballet of sports. Fantastic to watch. Above, Andreis Gursky’s “Fortuna” photo, which is included in LACMA’s Futball: The Beautiful Game exhibition closing July 20th, a week after the last game of the 2014 World Cup is played. Officially rooting for Brazil now.

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