Geren Ford, E Commerce (And Fellow Birthday Girl)

I am blessed to be surrounded by some seriously cool and talented women. Seriously. One of them is Geren Ford, who aside form creating half the dresses I live in year round (no joke, it’s basically a daily toss up between Geren and Gaby at Tucker…) Anyway, Geren is a genius. She is not only an incredibly talented designer and stylist but also a brilliant businesswoman who is always ten steps ahead of the curve. I love that. And she and I happen to share a birthday. Yep, October 5th, same day, same year. We discovered that the first time we met four years ago at the WWD offices in LA while I was still working as their West Coast Fashion Editor. It was a funny moment and since then we have become good friends. She is one of the best people to talk to about new ideas and what’s around the corner and every time I see her she inspires me. That said, she just re-launched her e commerce store and announced some pretty exciting plans about the new space she and her cool team of girls moved into this week in Hollywood, which will not only house her new showroom but also a store (!!) and plans to start selling other stuff aside from clothes like home decor (yay!) Oh and there is of course a fabulous article written by another one of those cool smart ladies I know, Khanh Tran who is an amazing journalist, my ex co-worker at WWD and a culinary cool hunter outside of her day job as a brilliant fashion writer. Yep, cool smart gals all around. Love it!

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