Holiday Gift Guide, Part Three, For Boys & Girls

So much I want so little time! I mean, look at all the fun stuff to buy for your girlfriends (me!) Dying over this Aritzia dress, so cute! And this knuckle ring from ASOS is fun and inexpensive ($56!) I haven’t owned or worn a watch in twenty years but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about a shiny new one on my wrist every once in a while, love this one from Swarovski (who needs real diamonds when these are just as pretty and won’t bankrupt you). And we all need a nice Jewish boy in our lives so until he comes this calendar will be our 2012 reminder…

These argyle cashmere socks will be waiting in his stocking for said boy when he arrives. And the holidays would not be complete without our favorite pastime, yup, champagne and heels

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