Jammies, Cool New Mommy Gifts

No, this is not turning into a scones and baby blog. But lately there have been a lot of babies circling… we even had a few of them at the Art + Farm wine soiree I hosted last Saturday evening. Anyway, while I was in NYC shooting last week I popped into a couple of market appointments and stumbled onto the cutest baby stuff so had to grab one of these Jammies jars for one of my friends who just had a new born (*four months old, she is ridiculously cute and was an honored and well behaved guest at said soiree…). Anyway, Jammies was launched by Brian and Meryl, a brother and sister duo, whose dad used to gift pajames in jars back in the 80’s. Check out the goods below. And yes, they really do arrive in the cute little jar above. The jammies, not the baby.
set bodysuit watermelon_LORES

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