Lana Del Ray, The New Face of Jaguar and H&M

I had an ongoing debate during this past Coachella with a musically inclined friend whose opinion I don’t disrespect and he had it out for Lana Del Ray. I of course was on the defensive about her because I really like her and especially her music and have been obsessed with her songs and videos from the get go. That said, I imagine her new role as the official face for brands like H&M (she is also doing the soundtrack for their next commercial) and now Jaguar (see above) will do nothing to help me the next time I need to defend the talented lady. So that’s that. All kinds of male actors and musicians get to model in a slew of fashion and car ads but for some reason Lana will probably get judged for it and so will her music unfortunately. I for one think she looks gorgeous and am thrilled to see more of her face whether she is singing or selling stuff because in the end EVERYONE is selling the same thing whether they are modeling, acting OR singing, so perhaps we can go easy on her. The new H&M ads, shot by Inez & Vinoodh, below…

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