Loewe Fall 2016


Sometimes fashion gets on my nerves, I’ve always had a hard time drinking it’s Kool-Aid, even when I was an editor at Vogue. When it’s over the top in a silly way or inaccessible except for a few “avant garde elites,” it annoys me, though I’m a die hard Yohji, Rick, Hussein and CDG fan. This collection borders on both (cat necklaces? …really? …has someone spent a little too much time at their desk on YouTube and Instagram? And oversized pieces that barely look flattering on the models who are size double 0?) but the pieces themselves are actually cool on their own without the added touches, accessible and wearable, fun to layer for those of us who treat layering like a paintbrush to play with. The bags are crazy beautiful and the colors are right up my palette. Well done Jonathan Anderson. Lots of inspiration here for fall 2016.


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