Margaret Thatcher in Blue, Chanel Couture Spring 2012

I saw “The Iron Lady” this weekend and though I probably don’t need to spell out what my politics were in the 80’s I was blown away by the film’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher (and of course Meryl Streep‘s brilliant performance… beyond.) There was an Ayn Rand-ian vibe going on with MT and whether you agreed with her politics or not you have to give her credit for being a tough lady fearless in her beliefs and actions amidst a sea of men. It was amazing to watch. So when the film ended on her washing a tea cup after the film began with her remark to her husband about how she didn’t want to die washing tea cups, I was a little shocked and annoyed if truth be told. Aside from that I loved the all blue costume palette which MT sports and am loving the Spring 2012 Chanel Couture collection with an equally blue theme. More looks below…

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