Project Shoe

projectshoe polka dot reptile

Project Shoe asked me to try their new website and design my own pair so obviously I went straight to the site to play around. Admit it, you’ve thought about being a shoe designer and how awesome it would be to toy with all those patterns and prints so this is the perfect DIY project. They have a slew of different styles to start with, though I immediately went for the lace up oxford heels, and a ton of great colors, patterns, prints and materials including pony hair and faux snakeskin (though I wish they would add camouflage to the mix, that was the only thing missing for me). I ended up ordering a floral polka dot mash up (below) but not before creating all the combos I could think of.

projectshoe reptile polka dotprojectshoe orange polka dotprojectshoe pony hair reptile oxfordprojectshoe turq polka dotprojectshoe polka dot flower oxford
The final product in floral and blue polka dots.

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