Rainbows & Roses: Bachelor in Paradise Week 3


Ok, producers and BIP editors, we get it, Elise is an excellent example of a delusional woman who just does not get it. She is our cautionary tale and we are equally horrified and fascinated by her ability to completely ignore reality. Another week of Bachelor in Paradise brings another lesson in what not do from current crazy front runner Elise (and her very useful inspirational quotes). Elise has recovered from her soul mate Dylan leaving the island and is now trying to fall in love with Chris. In the meantime there are these gems from the lady: “Through the storm comes the sun. Sometimes it takes a storm to get to the beautiful rainbow. [Chris is] a man who is ready and willing to fight for it.” Oh boy. And the kicker: “Chris is truly a gentleman.” Ashlee is clearly here to tell women that just because you are beautiful (and she is gorgeous) it doesn’t guarantee self esteem or common sense. Beautiful is often times crazy. And Marquel, oh how far you’ve fallen. Though to be fair, I wouldn’t say no to all those dates either. The point is to explore your options and he is. Graham is looking like the winner for gentlemanly smarts so far. Which, clearly makes him the hottest guy there. Atleast Ashlee has good taste. If this franchise is teaching us anything it’s a fact we already knew: love sucks. But Robert is awesome for picking Sara and I am beyond baffled by Chris and can’t wait to see what he and Elise stumble into. Am suspecting she will be his nurse until he heals and then…

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