The Best Job

oysters and eggs

Last night we went for oysters and deviled eggs (we just made a meal out of our favorites) at Cookshop after a great day of back to back shows and presentations. I will never get jaded and I will never complain about how tired I am during fashion week because it’s just the best job ever. Fifteen years later and I am still enthralled when the lights go down before a show and then all that beauty comes out. Beautiful clothes, beautiful women, beautiful talent. I am in awe. Below, my favorites from the day, in order of appearance… Mathieu Mirano, Saunder, Karen Walker, Thom Browne, and Zero by Maria Cornejo. And yes, my Instagram addiction is at full throttle.

Mathieu Mirano


Karen Walker
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Thom Browne
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Zero by Maria Cornejo
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