Tuesday Meetings, Lunch, Evening Events All in One Look

I love days when there’s no time to change between day and night. I love it even more when I am in LA because I can chuck the heels in the back of my car instead of shoving them into and hoping they don’t fall out of my purse the way I do when I am in NY (or the alternative, suffering through a myriad of cabs all day in my heels in NY…) Anyway, I digress. I love these leopard print flats from J Crew and not to overdose on Phillip Lim (though why wouldn’t I want to?) but the dress and the bag are just too chic to pass up. And of course my favorite go to guys for blazers, Rag & Bone. The one I bought a few seasons ago is so worn out I can’t really wear it anymore. For real. Below, my dream heels from McQueen which can go for both day or night and since we are blowing our entire budget on the heels a slightly more affordable clutch from Dorothy Perkins to offset the shoe addiction…

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