Sometimes Valentine’s Day Sucks But The Gifts Don’t

Valentine’s Day is like New Year’s Eve, full of expectations and let downs. Which is why I recommend giving everyone booze as gifts. Valentine’s Day may suck again this year but atleast there are fun presents to think about, and creating a gift list is really the only reason I am even saying the V word.

slim fit oxford
For the boys, Glenmorangie teamed up with Thomas Pink, to create gift box sets with scotch whiskey and crisp shirts (though I honestly would love a set as well… the perfect white men’s shirt and a bottle of great whiskey? I’m in!) And if someone wants to send me the man dressed in this shirt holding the bottle of whiskey, you know where to find me. If you’re feeling red, Estancia‘s Cabernet is on my list and a great option as well.
Furbish Studios Mr. and Mrs. drinking glasses, for booze and so much more.

chloe satchel
Chloe satchel… Men, when shopping, you can’t go wrong with a Chloe anything.
choo silver
Dying over these Jimmy Choo Abel champagne glitter pointy toe stilletto pumps

Angie david sylvia bataille
This book, published in November 2013, about the life of Sylvia Bataille (George’s wife) by Angie David is high on my list right now but I can’t seem to find any English editions, just French so if anyone has the scoop on the book you will be my super hero.

hanky panky
Hanky Panky crotchless thong. Seems appropriate right?

tiffany box 1
The ultimate. Does anyone really care what’s in here as long as they have this little Tiffany’s box?

Ok, fine. I wouldn’t mind one of these Tiffany rings. The Gatsby Collection flower diamond ring.
But I’ll settle for the scotch and cupcakes.

butter and Scotch bakery
Butter & Scotch bakery in Brooklyn (aka the drunk bakers) have year round goodies but for V-day they are offering free delivery for 2 dozen Chocolate Manhattan and Red Velvet mini cupcakes!

Rodial Glamstick gift set with lip treatments galore

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