YES on Sunset, In Silverlake

Last weekend in a haze of happiness on a Saturday morning I wandered through the Sunset Junction area of Silverlake and stumbled on a new boutique called YES on the corner of Hyperion and Sunset. They sell vintage threads for men and women as well as random household and kitchen goods, art and cool knick knacks (I am obsessed with globes after that Newsroom premier!) all fit for your shabby chic house in the hills. I loved the vibe and aesthetic. Tomorrow they’re having a grand opening party at the store from 7pm to 10pm if you have the urge. 3902 W Sunset Blvd, 323-906-8660 or check them out online (though the real thing is way cooler).

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  1. Jenny says:

    YES! is actually just the vintage clothing/shoe/accessory part of the store. The rest of the store (home goods etc) is Reform School, a shop that has been in the neighborhood for many years now.

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