A Royal Affair

I went to a screening last night of director Nikolaj Arcel’s “A Royal Affair,” starring Mads Mikkelsen, Alicia Vikander and Mikkel Følsgaard which will also be showing at AFI next week. The film tells the real life story of the British born queen of Denmark, who was married to the mentally ill King Christian VII in the 18th century, and her affair with the royal physician Struensee. Struensee was part of the Enlightment and influenced the King to banish oppressive laws and censorship for which he was rewarded by death (there is no spoiler, this is history, and a fascinating one at that). The film is so beautifully done, from the story itself to the costumes and art direction. I hope it wins it’s Oscar for which it has been submitted under the Best Foreign Language film category. Watching this film seemed somewhat extra appropriate a week before our elections…

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