Amor Y Amargo

A collaboration between Bittermen’s, Derossi Global, and Cienfuegos, Amor Y Amargo opened up its small bar space just a few weeks ago. It’s the same guys who opened Bourgeois Pig and Death & Company down the street. Tristan and Nick who work the bar will pour you an Americano cocktail (a perfect blend of sweet vermouth and Campari, one of my favorite things to order on ice that people sometimes look at you funny for ordering) or any one of the other specialty cocktails they’ve come up with. For snacks there is a small but fun bar menu which includes pickled eggs, white bean salad with oil poached tuna, crispy garbanzo with Morcilla, and a flatbread sandwich with provolone and lomo. All the drinks are Bittermen’s based and the tonic is homemade. They also have mixology classes on Tuesday and sell all kinds of glassware, bitters cocktail tools and of course any kind of Bittermen’s blend you could possibly desire including all the experimental ones you can’t find anywhere else. 443 E 6th St NYC between 1st and Avenue A.

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