New York Magazine, Childhood in New York

regina spektor

I don’t remember what New York magazine did last year for their Annual Yesteryear Issue but this year’s “Childhood in New York” issue is through the roof! There is a reason why the best editors and coolest kids (sorry everywhere else…) live and or are from NYC. I died over this one little girl especially. Hysterical… She is seven and goes to Film Forum “a lot”. Love her! All of these kids are amazing, you have to read their QAs. Every article in this week’s issue is worth reading. I am enthralled… And totally bummed that my mom decided to go to on to Baltimore when we emigrated instead of landing in Brooklyn the way Regina Spektor did (that’s her and her family above). Check out childhood photos of Spike Lee and Barbara Walters below. Too cute…

spike lee in NYbarbara walters

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