New Music, Petite Amie

I love the new tracks off the upcoming album from Mexico City’s Petite Amie. Their self-titled debut comes out October 1, 2021. Video for “Elektro,” is above. I’m already addicted to “Interludio,” and the track “Vraiment,” has a slight Portishead meets Sixties Psychedelic rock meets late night dance club vibe, but all in French (except for the track “Adios”, equally lovely in Spanish), which is all pretty hot and definitely requires a solid repeat button. The whole album is very chill, folksy dance energy, easy in it’s melancholy, and very addictive. Beautifully layered, echoing disco meets… a few seconds of Butthole Surfers in “El Delirio,” another one of my favorites. Overall a perfect album with one killer track after another. I’m in love.

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