Thursday’s Parties

krista louise smith

There were a lot of fun parties and events this week in NYC. Unfortunately I was too freaked out by the cold to leave my house in the evening until last night. Yes, my Russian soul is officially dead and I hate the cold. But last night I ventured out to hit a few fun soirees and in between popped into the Castle Fitzjohns gallery on Orchard Street where I fell in love with this painting by Brooklyn based artist Krista Louise Smith. Then I went to a party on the third floor of The Spotted Pig for the release of Department of Records‘ first album, a recording of John Perry Barlow reading his manifesto, “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace,” where I had a full on conversation with Anthony Haden Guest. Yes, that happened and I’m still swooning. I miss old school “celebrities”. Also, the deviled eggs were really good last night. A perfect evening (*and it wasn’t even that cold out).

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