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Some time ago my best friend and I were catching up over a glass of wine and reviewing the events of the week. The subject of boys is always a hot one right after we’ve covered the subject of work (or maybe before work depending on the day and the boy… and the work…) As we reviewed the latest shenanigans of whoever was in our vicinity we realized our taste in men was not always as good as our taste in shoes, or clothes or books, art, music, food, etc… You get the idea. So we made a pact to become snobs. Not the kind that shun people because of social status or looks but the kind that are more selective about who we let into our personal lives. Especially men. We decided we deserve the best. Honest, respectful, appreciative, straightforward, positive, men and friends in general who would love us and allow us to love them in a positive supportive way. That’s what S.N.O.B. is. A small reminder we wear close to our hearts of who we are and what we are worth. The S.N.O.B. necklace is on sale here as well as Satine online and at the boutique in West Hollywood and Tangerine in Chicago.


14-Karat Gold-Plated Chain and Nameplate
22″ Rollo Chain-link Necklace with Round Spring Clasp
Made with love in Los Angeles


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  2. Hellin Kay says:

    People have been asking what SNOB stands for and while we leave it up to each SNOB to come up with their own personal interpretation, our favorite ones are She’s No Ordinary Bitch and Sassy NO Bullshit. Feel free to post your own ideas below 😉 xox

  3. Hellin Kay says:

    She’s No Ordinary Broad has just been added as an alternative…

  4. markLouis says:

    In the British TV show “The Avengers,” episode 113, titled “The Correct Way To Kill,” Steed and Emma get involved with an organization named SNOB, which stands for: Sociability, Nobility, Omnipotence, Breeding, Inc.

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