The Public, The Pump Room, Chicago

I am a sucker for nostalgia like no other. So imagine how jazzed I got when I opened this little package that arrived at my door yesterday to find a small paperback promotional book called “Icons At The Pump Room”. It came from The Public Hotel which Ian Schrager just opened in Chicago and is packed with photos from years and years of iconic names and faces from every possible corner that packed the legendary restaurant over the years. I love when someone sprinkles that old school fairy dust on a project. I think that is why I am so hooked on the Chateau in LA still. The Public opened this week so next time you are in Chicago (I need to find an excuse…) this is the place to stay. And The Pump Room will be the place to eat and drink…

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  1. The party was super chic, can’t wait to stay at this legendary place!

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