7th Annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

The 7th Annual San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival is approaching and I’m excited to finally go. I wasn’t able to attend last year because my schedule wouldn’t allow it but this year I have marked November 17th through 21st in red on my calendar and will be there. The festival is a smorgasbord of wine tasting, cooking classes, chef competitions, the tastemakers dinner series and obviously a ton of great food and wine. There is also a live auction presented by Wine Spectator which takes place during a luncheon with a menu filled with specialties from Chefs Katsuaya, Roy Yamaguchi and Ron Oliver. November is too long for me to wait so next weekend I am starting the foodie rounds by going to the The Gourmet Experience, a food, luxury and lifestyle show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds October 9th and 10th. Participating winery Adelaida Cellars‘ fields are pictured above.

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