Anastasia Beverly Hills Line Erasing Serum

I’m not a big fan of needles or going under the knife so when someone sent me this serum last winter I began using it. A journalist friend of mine who makes a living from testing, researching and finding out what works and doesn’t always ends up telling me that almost everything DOESN’T work except to “spackle” the lines as she puts it. To which my response is always “I’ll take spackle over a needle any day!” And this particular “spackle” works like a charm. From Anastasia Soare, who has been the “Definitive Brow and Eye Expert for Hollywood’s elite for the past twenty years”… comes Anastasia Beverly Hills Line Erasing Serum. Its been on the market since last October but its pretty rad and does exactly what it promises.

The latest product from Anastasia out this month is DNA Eye Crème which I haven’t tried yet so can’t say definitively but am pretty confident going from the last few products I’ve tried that this one will be killer. It contains a “unique antioxidant-rich blend of Anastasia’s exclusive Balkan Botanical® Infusion and extracts of Candle tree and Orchid.” They promise the usual.. to hydrate the eye area, helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. I like to believe in spackle…

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  1. Emma Walker says:

    Hey! This is a really cool post! I’ve actually tried Anastasia’s Line Erasing Serum and it’s great. I’m like you, not a big fan of needles and knives, lol. So I decided to give the erasing serum a try and it is honestly wonderful! Have you checked her blog by the way? She talks about skin care this week, it’s very interesting!

  2. Emma Walker says:

    Forgot to add the URL, lol… I always do the same thing… Here: Have a nice day!

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