CellCeuticals CellGenesis

I finally ran out of the last product I’ve been using and got to start on the CellCeuticals CellGenesis bottle I received a while ago. It’s AMAZING. I love it. It says it regenerates new surface cells (spackle) which I am a big fan of and has vitamins A and C which we all know is great for skin. I plan on going without the needle for the rest of my life if I can help it (even if I live in LA for the rest of my life…) so these promises in creams go a long way with me. I’ve been using the CellGenesis after cleansing followed by the La Mer Regenerating Serum I’ve been hooked on for a while now. As soon as I put on the CellCeuticals gel my skin feel taught and clean, and for a few minutes it actually has that post-facial smoothness. I put both on only at night and while it’s just been a few days with the CellGenesis I am completely hooked. And something about combining these two seems to be working as well which is great because different products don’t always mix well.

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