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Valentino Fall Couture 2010, Above

Let me be the first to admit that I cannot, no matter how hard I try, keep up with every show, every season, every designer. There was a point when the cycle of seasons sped up to a near monthly pattern and every time I look at fashion shows online I am reminded that there is really no time at all to enjoy any of the collections when the seasons created by the industry pass by so quickly. From Fall to Holiday, Resort, Pre-Spring, Spring, Couture, Pre-Fall and Men’s in between and then back again. It’s too much. There are so many beautiful things being designed and lost in the shuffle of everyone trying to keep up and stay ahead and in the end people don’t have enough time to see everything let alone buy anything before it is marked down, bumped off and cleared away from the shelves to make room for the next delivery that stays a matter of weeks. There are occasional rumblings of this sort at fashion weeks every season the past few years but none of the big names will be the first to give up their or WWD write up by simply foregoing the “Pre-” collection at least. Everything is so over-saturated and I for one would like to stop and smell the fresh fabrics a minute longer. Most editors and buyers can’t keep up with the fast turn over so how can we expect consumers to? It would seem everyone loses out in this sped up time machine. The designers and their teams lose energy, sleep and creative juices. The retailers lose money. And consumers at every price point lose sight of those special pieces they may have once savored and now are happy to trade in for disposable fashion that barely lasts half a season.

Lanvin Fall 2010, Above (Lanvin just makes me giddy, I want to live, breathe and sleep in it)

Maison Martin Margiela Fall Couture 2010, Below

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