Physicians Formula

I went to an event for Physicians Formula last night and after sitting through an hour long presentation on the line I was actually pretty impressed. I LOVED the Mineral Wear Talc-Free Correcting Pebbles which is a great bronzer. I’m also obsessing over the design of the packaging and containers which is really beautifully done and well thought out. The line is also super inexpensive for what you’re getting (prices range from $10-$15). The primer and bronzers felt great on my skin, don’t have a heavy smell (love that!!) and the color palette is beautiful for skin, eyes and lips. A lot of their products also come with an SPF 15 or 30 which is awesome. They have a ton of organic products too and the new line they just launched is called Happy Booster and has mood enhancing ingredients like Arctic Rose and Euphoryl. Overall, totally obsessed.

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