The Skull, The Heart & The Butterfly

Tony Oursler’s Skull and Butterfly, 1999, Above

I’ve been doodling hearts all my life and can look at skulls and butterflies separately or together endlessly. Its like the art equivalent of the punk girl in a baby doll dress. I can’t explain why I’m drawn to the images, whether it’s the sense of life and death colliding in these simple graphics or maybe a feeling of childhood nostalgia mixed with adult dread. Either way there are a lot of artists that have been drawn to their special paradox as well and there is definitely something beautiful and comforting in their co-existence. It’s also a really great excuse to look at some amazing art.

Banksy, Below

Dan Baldwin, Below

Cecily Brown, Below

Jim Dine, Below

Damien Hirst, Below

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  1. Palus says:

    This is a nice blog message, I will keep this idea in my mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂 ml Palus.

  2. Perhaps if you have a spare moment, you might like to see some of my art.
    Best wishes,

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