Wine Enthusiast, Hillside Select

I had a glass of the 2006 Hillside Select from Shafer winery earlier this week. Only 2,200 cases of the 100% pure Cabernet Sauvignon were produced and it was just released on September 1st. Hillside Select is aged a full four years prior to release (three years in Alliers and Tronçais oak barrels and one year in the bottle). The wine retails in Napa Valley for $215 per bottle and the vineyard maintains a small mailing list of Hillside Select buyers, which is currently closed to new sign-ups. There is also apparently a Waiting List to get on the Mailing List, which is also closed for the moment so I was pretty happy to have a taste of the wine. If you are collecting wines then it should come as no surprise that one of the best places to store it in is a beautiful cellar which is where Studio Becker’s wine cellars come in handy. Their way of crafting the cabinets allows you not only to show off the wines you want to share but hide those special goodies you want to save. I got kind of obsessed with their wine glass storage drawers. Craftsmanship and design at its best.

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