Winter Beauty Secrets

The snow is making me think about the little things we do to alleviate dry skin. One of my favorite tricks is to regularly apply eye cream to my hands instead of just hand cream. It’s so rich and delicate and works brilliantly to soften dry skin in seconds. For the rest of your body, if you can afford the La Mer body cream it really does work miracles everywhere else including feet. And if not, a mid-market facial moisturizer or anti-wrinkle cream will do the trick for your body, especially feet and will be richer than a regular body or hand cream. It doesn’t need to be everyday, just think of it as a treat for your hands and feet on occasion. Sleeping overnight in cozy socks after you’ve applied a nice layer to your feet is the best. You wake up and your feet are as silky as a 9-year old. I also like to carry a small container of eye cream in my purse at all times, it’s very multi purpose, wherever you need it.

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