Ketel One Vodka, A Gentleman’s Read

Everything in our world has come down to one thing: branding. So it’s not a surprise these days when a liquor brand expands into other arenas, whether it’s art, magazines or films and videos but the Ketel One online editorial launch A Gentleman’s Read is intriguing. Not necessarily because of the brand (sorry…) but because it seems kind of interesting and well done. Which I would think is even cooler than liking it because of the brand. Isn’t that sort of the point? To go beyond the brand name and make it worldly and not related to the fact that they just want us to consume more vodka (which is fine too). The site goes live today in the US. I love their interview with Chef Georgia Pellegrini, the ‘girl hunter’. And I am always obsessed with a proper gentleman… A Danny Heller painting above, his interview in full here.

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