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We checked out the Paris Photo show last night at their opening night event (*with champagne thanks to Armani who sponsored the Aqua 3 exhibit by Jim Goldberg). I’m going back to geek out on the work and listen to some of the artists speak on Saturday, when the show is open to the public from 12noon to 7pm all weekend. There’s some great work in the corners we managed to see amidst the eclectic crowd. Gregory Crewdson (who is speaking at 2pm on Saturday), Larry Fink, Diane Arbus, Katy Grannan (Katy and I used to be signed to the same photo agent, Bill Charles, my first photography agent in NY, who also reps Larry Fink our old beloved Bard professor.) There is also a lot of work from Lee Friedlander. His work made me wonder if Instagram has made classic photography like his feel obsolete, our eyes sort of ruined to simple images because we are so over exposed to visuals via social media. Just thoughts… The show is up at Paramount Studios at 5555 Melrose Avenue. An untitled photo by Katy Grannan that’s in the show, above.

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