Spring Awakening: Beauty & Books

clarins multi active jour

Spring has sprung, and it’s really early this year. It was 73 degrees in NYC this week so goodbye winter, hello global warming and LA weather everywhere. But I digress. One of my favorite things as seasons come and go is an excuse to scout new beauty products and good stuff on the horizon. Below are some fantastic products coming out for your skin and your mind (books and beauty go hand in hand, right?), including the Clarins Multi-Active Jour creme above, which features an extract from the South African plant myrothamnus to help absorb the effects of daily stress on your skin, and Couture Confessions, a new book out in June from Rizzoli written by Pamela Golbin, who has compiled a collection of favorite designers talking about their lives and inspirations.

couture confessionscouture confessionscouture confessions

Amore Pacific has some incredibly potent and magical products in their Advanced Time response collection, including the Skin Renewal Creme, which like the rest of the products uses their patented green tea ingredients to restore skin and if not turn back time at least make the effects of time less visible. The line stimulates collagen production, rebalances melanin regulation (meaning it helps balance out your skin tone), and rehydrates the skin in order to help reduce lines and wrinkles.
amore pacific
Really excited to read The Firebrand and The First Lady by Patricia Bell-Scott, a book of letters exchanged over the years between Pauli Murray, a civil rights and women’s rights activist (*born in 1910 in my home town of Baltimore!) and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, which came out last month.

BOOK_the firebrand and the first ladyBOOK_the firebrand and the first ladyBOOK_the firebrand and the first lady

Perricone MD, one of the most reliable beauty brands on the market, which I have used continuously over the years, has re-released his day treatment creme with eggshell membrane. I know it sounds nuts, but I have learned to just trust his magic, which seems to always deliver. The OVM creme will increase hydration and decrease inflammation and basically make your skin look a little more alive and a little less old, with a little more life and a little less wrinkle. Trust me.
creme perricone OVM

One of my favorite Russian writers, Ludmila Ulitskaya has a new book, which came out back in November of last year. The Big Green Tent is a novel about banned books and the Soviet dissident movement, starting in the 50s. As far as I am concerned we were all a part of it, especially as Jewish immigrants who left the country in the 70’s. Mom and I waited 13 months for our visa allowing us to come to the US and in the meantime mom, like Ludmila who is now 72 and a strong opponent of Putin’s (obviously), also got fired from her science job in the 70’s for “betraying” the country by even asking to leave. I was only a kid and at seven years old I still remember being harassed for being Jewish and leaving it all, including family, behind. This may not be light beach reading but it will be fascinating and her books never disappoint.

big green tent by ludmillabig green tent by ludmillabig green tent by ludmilla

This is one of my favorite product launches from the last year. Retrouvé Revitalizing Eye Concentrate is rich and effective, with a highly exclusive ingredient, Morinda Citrofolia Extract, which help protect skin by converting UV rays, while a blend of vitamins plus other antioxidants stimulate collagen and minimize those fine lines.
eye creme retrouve berg

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