LOVE !!!


I just binge watched all 10 episodes of Love, the quietly hysterical brilliant new Netflix series starring Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust, which is probably one of the best reflections of the dysfunction of “modern romance” I have seen in a long time. It is very LA-centric, so obviously it nails the horror of dating in this city and the underlying asshole-ness of dealing with work, life and love in a town which inspires more insecurity in the human race than puberty. It is also packed with a long list of old friends and new, in cameos from the art and music world, including the lovely kick ass Chantal Claret above (I photographed her over ten years ago when she was the lead singer of Morningwood), Mike Sawitzke of The Eels, Binky Shapiro, and artist/skater Ed Templeton. It’s like going to your cool friend’s place in Silverlake for a BBQ on a Sunday. Also love seeing fellow Baltimore chic Tracie Thoms’ gorgeous face in half a dozen episodes! Watch the trailer below.

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