The Four Seasons Spa, BioMeditation Therapy

The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills has a lot to celebrate this year. Aside from their 25th anniversary they have an array of tasty new dishes on their Culina menu and their spa is the only one in the country that does BioMeditation Therapy, which I got to try a few weeks ago. Jeannette von Johnsbach who does the hour long sessions learned from Russian healer Viktor Philippi himself. Now, I know there will be skeptics who will decry all this energy mumbo jumbo as me having fallen off the LA ledge but energy is just plain physics and science so it’s really quite logical and valid that if you’re energy is off, your stress and anxiety level will be off as well and the BioMeditation Therapy is like a massage for your internal energy. If everything is made up of matter and connected, how we feel and think is directly related to our energy. I do not claim to be an expert on physics by any near stretch of the imagination (though I am still obsessed with the 1990 film “Mindwalk” and a recent article in Newsweek about the “Multiverse” has reignited my fascination for all things physics) but I know what I know and that is that energy is palpable and negotiable. I loved the session, which was quiet and easy and I have genuinely felt free of stress and anxiety the past two weeks since I lay down in Jeannette’s room, which surprised even me because not much seemed to go on during the session itself. I specifically waited to post about this because I wanted to see how I would feel afterwards. Full disclosure, I had a rough summer. I won’t go into details but let’s just say my anxiety level had been at an all time high and when a friend offered me the opportunity to try this treatment I jumped at it and am thrilled I did. You can watch the entire film, “Mindwalk” below…

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