Bachelor in Paradise

Trust No Bitch_Vegas_2010_IMG_1178_LORES

My new guilty pleasure is here. I watched Bachelor in Paradise week one and was mostly horrified by the girl who couldn’t figure out the need to remove her stiletto HEELS while walking down a stone staircase, on the beach. Really? Also there was that girl AshLee and her stalkerish demands on a guy she knew for 18 hours. Oi. I know I am not the only one who watches the Bachelor franchise for confirmation lessons on what never ever ever to do around men (or women for that matter). Otherwise it was pretty addictive and I want hug Marquel (he will clearly be the season favorite, someone raised him right). My crush on Marcus went away when he gave Lacy a rose instead of Sara. Full disclosure, I took the photo above in Vegas a few years ago. While it has nothing to with the show itself, I feel it speaks miles to the male female dating dilemma. Can’t wait for week two!

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