Sleigh Bells & Haim Live in Levi’s


I love to see girls rock out. I’m calling this the summer of my midlife crisis. Yes, that’s happening. I don’t need a new car or new shoes or a young lad to entertain me (no comments from the peanut gallery please). I just want my old vinyl from back in the day, which I sold a few months ago in an ill advised attempt to de clutter and renovate my place. Ironically the guy who bought them from me at Kim’s Video in the East Village (whose doors are sadly closing this summer for good) told me he did the same thing a few years ago and ended up buying most of them back not long after. Don’t even ask me now what I was thinking then, getting rid of all my high school records, which included original Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Germs, Cramps and way too many to list without crying nostalgic crocodile tears. This as they say is a teaching moment: kids, don’t sell your vinyl! Needless to say I have been craving even more music than usual and old school venues to match so was giddy like a high school girl to go to last night’s Sleigh Bells and Haim show.

A lot of brands try to make the organic magic happen by attaching themselves to young artists but Levi’s is one of the few that manages to do it without making us feel like we are taking part of some genius marketing campaign. Who else would book Sleigh Bells and Haim to play a free show in Brooklyn Bridge Park and get not only the fans but also the socialites, stylists and magazine editors from the city to come out on a humid (but breezy) Tuesday night? I don’t get in the middle of the mosh pit these days but I did get my music fix. Sleigh Bells played a perfectly cool energetic, hardcore tinged set and the Haim sisters did that electro pop rock thing they do so well, which we love so much. It all felt right. Next week starts the midlife road trip. Seriously. That’s happening too. Austin and Nashville, I’m coming for you. Alexis Krauss and Derek Edward Miller above.

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