Best Blow Out in the East Village

Great news NYC: there’s a hidden gem at 208 East 7th Street between Avenues B & C that has $25 blow outs which will (sorry in advance for the blatant beauty pun) blow you away. Owner Rose, who opened the much needed beauty salvation spot, Perfection Beauty Salon (646-454-9827) five years ago, not only does a badass hair do but also takes appointments and is open Sundays (*ladies of the LES know this is not always the case and we are grateful when it is). I’m torn on spreading the word because, you know, I’m a selfish beauty addict who always wants an appointment when I want it but I also want to spread the love and good beauty vibes. Enjoy xx Photo Credits: hair above is by Kelli Christine, my favorite West Coast hair daze babe, makeup Elie Maalouf, photography & styling me.

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