Big Skirts Are a Big Deal, Fall 2014 Couture


I love big skirts, which are everywhere at couture. Ten years ago, the summer of 2004, I went to the couture shows in Paris and it was as magical as you would expect. My favorite collection that year was Givenchy, hands down. The whole week was beautiful. Small shows, no mob scene, one or two collections a day, lunch and dinner with colleagues and friends in between. The life of a socialite even without the trust fund is not a bad deal. Although it was my job as a fashion director/stylist and I had definitely worked for it I felt a little guilty calling it work but then again, to love ones job is the biggest blessing. Giambattista Valli above and more below from Chanel, Alexis Mabille and Dior.

Gaimbattista Valli


alexis mabille 9alexis mabille 20alexis mabille 24
Alexis Mabille

dior 1dior 8dior 60

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