The Foodie and Fred & Ginger in Paris

Food is obviously one of the great things about Paris so when you come here you have to put all dietary restrictions aside and live a little. I’ve never had a problem with that and will be the first to say that a couple of extra pounds is well worth the pleasure of enjoying great food and wine every once in a while. For years I have given my list of foodie stops in Paris to friends traveling here for the first time. There are several places on my list and each time I go I add a new one. Fred & Ginger (01.4028.9904), a Thai place in the 1st, opened two months ago and is already a hot spot with fantastic food and a great crowd. It will be perfect for the fashion flock in January and March. I tried the Carpaccio de Saint Jacques au gingembre and the Cabillaud marine au miso, which were amazing. The address is 62 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau and they are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Since I was only in town for a week and we had a lot of ground to cover the next day we trekked to the Marais district, which is full of tiny streets, shops and cafes. The best place to wander aimlessly and get lost then found. I couldn’t remember the exact address of my favorite Middle Eastern place Chez Marianne but after happily wandering around for 30 minutes we finally bumped into it. The food is insane. All kinds of eggplant, hummus and meat dishes with the best desserts and wines. Chez Marianne is at 2, Rue des Hospitaliers, Sant Gervais, Paris 75004. Another one of my favorites is Brasserie Balzar which, sadly we didn’t get a chance to go to this trip but I will be back in March. And then there is Cafe Ruc. Their cheeseburgers are the best in the world. Sorry Umami, I love and adore you but Ruc was my first and that will never change. Ruc is a great place during fashion week as well. We would always pop in there between shows at The Louvre across the street. I used to stay at The Hotel Du Louvre during fashion week. It wasn’t The Meurice which I still dream of staying at but I liked it. Down the street from Ruc is also another fashion favorite called Dave (pronounced Dah-vay). Dave is legendary in the fashion world. He serves cheap and tasty Chinese food at Conde Nast expense account prices. He has photos of himself with everyone from Yves Saint Laurent to random celebs on the walls and during fashion week the crowd reads like a Vogue and Vanity Fair masthead. I love that place and have great memories of really fun dinners there. Order the Chinese Chicken Salad and tell him I sent you. Dave is at 12 Rue Richelieu, 75001 Paris, 01.4261.49 48

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