Deborah Turbeville

Russian Vogue Aug 2000_7

Missing Deborah Turbeville this morning. Her memorial was last night and I was reminded of how special her work is and how much I loved working with her. She was an incredibly talented, strong woman. I was always in awe of her when we worked together and can honestly say I have never worked with anyone else like her with the exception of Polly Mellen. Polly styled the infamous bathhouse photos Deborah took for American Vogue while Grace Mirabella was editor in chief. Ms. Mirabella was there last night at the memorial and I got to say hello to her, tell her how much I admired her and all the work these incredible women did before me. It was a beautiful memorial but a sad evening, a happy melancholy sad, which I know Deborah would understand and approve of. I miss spending time with her in Russia. We had a favorite cafe in St. Petersburg where we would go after our shoots for Russian salads and vodka, to talk about life, art and love. She was amazing, “a great dame,” as well put by Ms. Mirabella last night. Deborah, thank you for being a teacher to me.

deb for russian vogue

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