East Coast Fall Essentials

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Burberry’s wool cashmere blend sweater is one of the things that gets me excited for winter. I like to call this my Rhinebeck survival kit, which is incomplete without Kiehl’s, a must have for every beauty cupboard. Sunscreen is a necessity year round and their Facial Fuel SPF 15 is non-greasy and great for all skin types. Dr. Lancer, who is a miracle worker on skin (I spent several months going to him for microdermabrasion facials a few years ago and it was like a youth serum for my face) finally has a skin care line out. The lip serum is a good addition to any beauty routine especially during the dreary winter months when everything seems to droop a little more than usual when the sun goes down at 5pm on the East Coast. And just because we are in NY for the winter doesn’t mean we have to let our sunny California spirit go. This chiffon pleated skirt by Malene Birger is totally fine to wear no matter what the weather channel says. Throw some tights and leather boots in the mix and we are happily balancing our split coast personalities. Carvela silk wrap around leather boots and Paolo mid-calf cinched boots below. Hats are easy to come by in all shapes and sizes but I really like this little pink pom muffin from Eugenia Kim. It is screaming my name in the sweetest most fun way.

If we have ever crossed paths on either coast chances are I am wearing my usual uniform of flowey dresses which I don’t like to put away no matter how cold it is outside. One of the things I like to do when the weather fights me on my chiffon addiction is layer with long sleeved t-shirts. A striped shirt from Alexander Wang will add a great stylish layer underneath a flower print dress or other graphic top. I love this pretty in pink hue in cashmere by Firth as well. And as Cher Horowitz would say, now we need something for the mind and I’ve got the perfect memoir on my winter reading list: Brooke Shield’s new book, There Was A Little Girl, about her relationship with her mother, which just came out. Hot Toddies and warm fireplaces in the country here we come!

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