Dockers, Tattoos & Hot Guys

reid tattoo

Leave it to Dockers to fill a room with hot guys and invite very few women (except for us of course!) Last night in NY they celebrated the launch of their Alpha Collection, which hits stores today, with tacos, booze and a performance by Tinie Tempah. And lots of hot guys (see below…) Dockers is also opening up a pop up store for four weeks starting today at 25 Howard Street, which will be open 11AM to 8PM (closed Mondays so don’t bother). There will be a custom khaki bar as well as a real bar and every Tuesday through Thursday The Blind Barber will be on hand to give quick hair or beard trims. If you’re really itching for a make over you can opt for the anchor tattoos which Three Kings tattoo parlor will be putting on skin next Wednesday September 11th. Kings Country jerky and craft beer will also be served. I may pop in for a tattoo and coffee from Stumptown.


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