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I am looking forward to finally hitting Bonnaroo this June, but in the meantime I still get excited about Coachella, where I have gone since 2008. I hear all kinds of mixed reviews lately but the line up this year is solid, with a lot of young new bands and artists I have been listening to all year and would love to see live. As always, I am packing lightly, in every sense. I try and go with the flow at music festivals because plans are never what you make them and it’s just easier that way. This year I am adding one thing to my usual list of festival essentials: Sebastian dry shampoo. I have been test driving it for the past two weeks and it’s become apparent that this is the dry shampoo I should have been using all along. No, this is not a paid endorsement. Just the usual beauty scouting to find what works best for me and my body. Also digging the Equitance broad spectrum sunscreen with 36 SPF, it comes in a tiny little bottle that fits perfectly in any small pocket of my purse, which has made it easier to remember to put it on every day, something I am not always vigilant about but trying. ‘Vintage’ photos from past Coachellas below. Have fun in the sun peeps, and as always, drink lots of water! Above, a few snaps from a Coachella style shoot I photographed for Marie Claire in 2011.

Dry Shampoo Sebastian Dry Clean Only
HK coachella april 2010 dress inspiration
Me with a friend at Coachella 2010, the year we saw Jack White followed by Die Antwoord’s first ever US show, just before they got signed to Universal. Epic weekend of fun all around.

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