Imitation of Christ, Doyle Mueser

I styled Imitation of Christ again this season and we had our presentation Sunday afternoon at Buddakan. This season Tara Subkoff collaborated with Amber Dolye and Jake Mueser of Doyle + Mueser who did all of the beautiful bespoke tailored suits, coats and skirts. I am going thru a serious obsession with navy and black so was really into the blue shoes we got from Aldo. I loved the white shirts and black satin skirts, those shirts were fun to play with. Though as always it was a nightmare with shoes and shoe sizes. Why can’t models come with adjustable feet? I am sure I am not the only stylist that fantasizes about that. We spent two days with interns running all over Manhattan trying to find a size 41 blue shoe and finally Saturday evening we found a store in New Jersey that had it but when our assistant showed up Sunday morning (the day of the show…) to pick them up the salesgirl had sold them. We accepted defeat and put the poor model in a size 40 black shoe for two hours during the presentation. Gina Gershon, who is beyond sweet and has a new book coming out in September came by as did Rose McGowan and Waris Ahluwalia (I always want to ask him if he is related to my old Bard friend, filmmaker Ashim Ahluwalia). Our after party was at André Saraiva‘s new place, Le Baron, which he just opened so that was a really fun crowd as well. More looks, a video of the presentation as well as photos from the after party below…

Imitation – Fall Winter 2012 from Showroom Seven on Vimeo.

Me with some friends at Le Baron…

Designers Tara Subkoff, Amber Doyle and Jake Mueser

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2 Responses to Imitation of Christ, Doyle Mueser

  1. Smasher says:

    Great job Hellin! As always you know how to pull together femininity class and chic! Xx

  2. Hellin Kay says:

    Thanks honey!! 😉 Can’t wait to see you in LA!!!xx

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