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A few weeks ago we did a shoot with our friend Megan Duffy, an up and coming actress with a serious funny bone. If you’ve caught any recent Burger King commercials, she is the adorable redhead (yes, I said the “A” word, don’t shoot me bacon!) Her new film Maniac, directed by Franck Khalfoun and starring Elijah Wood, premiered at Cannes last year and is a remake of a 70s slasher flick. Yes, there is faux misogynistic undertone, which we forgive because, well, we know better and love Elijah (and Megan!), plus the lighting and cinematography is really beautiful. This is coming from a very squeamish non horror girl who would rather watch anything but horror. Even reality TV. The film opens on June 21st in New York at IFC and LA on June 28th. A QA with Ms. Duffy, the trailer and more from our shoot below. Above, Harlyn dress, vintage belt, Shoemint heels.

Johnny Was dress with a Shareen Vintage belt

Nadia Tarr dress, Shoemint heels from the ladies

Ready To Fish sweater, Marlies Dekkers bikini

Paul & Joe T-shirt, Zayan skirt, Celeste Stein socks and Shoemint heels

I did the photography & styling, Allison Noelle did the hair and make up. Megan helped us carry stuff. She is much cuter in real life than in the movie (and has more of her scalp too). She also throws a hell of a party and makes a killer artichoke dip that I am hooked on. Her QA below…

C&H: What was your favorite and least favorite moment while filming?

Megan: It was the same moment, actually: The night we filmed Lucie’s apartment scenes. We only had the location one day with alot to cover so it was a very long shooting day for me. Also, since it was the middle of December it was so cold! The human being in me was miserable, but the artist in me was excited to be doing such challenging work.

C&H: What was it like being so intimate with someone while shooting and then seeing the final violent results at your first screening?

Megan: Everyone was so nice to me on set and I was never in any actual danger, so to see the final product shocked me a little. It also made me me giggle wondering what my mom was gonna say!

C&H: Did you do anything to get ready for the sex scenes? What do you do to prepare?

Megan: So many situps! Also, a shower and breath mints 🙂

C&H: What would you say is your style?
Megan: Somewhere between a hippie, a vintage doll, and a teenaged girl. I love skirts and dresses and fabrics that are breezy and move well versus structured pieces. Alot of my favorite pieces in my closet are vintage, and some are pieces I inherited from either my mom or my aunt.

C&H: What are your go to brands for day and night?
Megan: My favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon, after hitting the Farmer’s Market, is to try on dresses at Shareen’s in Downtown LA. From the vintage pieces I’ve found there, to her reworks on the Shareen Again label to her own line I am obsessed! She even made a dress for me to wear when we premiered ‘Maniac’ at Cannes last year. She’s really excellent at finding/creating dresses that flatter every figure.

C&H: What’s your beauty routine?
Megan: I never ever forget my sunscreen! Lately I’ve been using this all natural face wash from Australian company Bellaboo that keeps my face looking clean and fresh. When I’m filming makeup can be so heavy, so day-to-day I just use a BB cream instead of foundation. I’ve been happiest with Smashbox’s Camera Ready. Oh! And I never leave the house without a little bit of mascara. You know, in case I end up in a situation where I need to bat my eyelashes.

C&H: What did you dream of being when you were a kid?
Megan: I honestly thought I was going to be a supermodel. I had a killer runway walk! When it became clear that I was never going to reach the height I’d need, I buried myself into dance and acting instead.

C&H: Where is your favorite place to cocktail with your friends?
Megan: Anywhere with delicious French inspired cocktails, mais bien sur! In Los Angeles, Figaro has an amazing happy hour, and La Poubelle always has a soft spot in my heart. Their champagne cocktail is perfection! If I’m in NYC, Raine’s Law Room is everything to me.

C&H: Did you always want to act?
Megan: I have memories of being 4 years old and trying to direct fellow neighborhood kids into structured improv. My focus was always on working and creating. Even when I was playing make-believe, I had a purpose.

C&H: What do you love about bacon? (*this is not a trick question)
Megan: It’s Salty and crispy and delicious and not a carb.

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