Ocean Pearl Spa, Carlsbad


I started my cross country trek with a day at Ocean Pearl Spa at the Sheraton Resort in Carlsbad where Katie gave me the ‘Vitality of the Glaciers’ facial, which was just added to their menu of treatments. Valmont is a brand out of Switzerland and only a few spas in the US have their products, which use salmon roe DNA in their creams for a collagen lift the natural way. The Swiss don’t believe in steam or extractions so it was a quiet yet effective hour long facial using the ‘butterfly’ massage technique. I am test driving the products during my road trip, using the Just Time Perfection tinted cream as both a cover up and sunscreen, which I found out yesterday as I drove that I need badly because the sun is intense even through the windows. The creams are subtle and don’t have a heavy smell, just the vaguest hint of rose, which I love. I am also wearing the Prime Renewing Pack as a night cream in the dessert, which is great to restore my skin after a day of dust and sun. The drive from LA is short and easy and there is a pool to lounge by all day as well as great food at Twenty/20. A perfect staycation and an even better way to start a road trip.

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