Sept 4th & 5th Favorites, Tess Giberson, Marissa Webb, Zimmerman

tess g 14

Tess Giberson‘s easy classy chic pieces are on my shopping list for spring, ditto Marissa Webb‘s sassy layers and Zimmerman‘s sexy girlie flow. Spring 2015 Tess above, Marissa, Nicky and more below.

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Tess Gibrson

zimmerman 1zimmerman 3zimmerman 6zimmerman 8zimmerman 10zimmerman 11zimmerman 15zimmerman 23zimmerman 24zimmerman 30zimmerman 31zimmerman 33zimmerman 34

marissa 2marissa 3marissa 5marissa 4marissa 9marissa 10marissa 14marissa 15marissa 16marissa 17marissa 26
Marissa Webb

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