Versus Versace Fall 2015


I’ve been feeling uninspired lately. Art looks the same, magazines look the same, fashion looks the same. This happens to the best of us sometimes and this is that time for me. Ever since I was an angry teen I have found my inspiration in films, art and music. Of course that is still the case but lately I am feeling ‘meh’ with little exception (*Sundance!). Fashion can be an easy fix for the ‘mehs’ and since it is still one of my favorite F words I browsed the collections from fall again today and found this. A little classic Versus Versace action, which reminds me of a time way back when… The summer of 1999 I worked on the Versus men’s show in Milan while on vacation from assisting Polly Mellen. Yup. I took my vacation to work. I couldn’t really afford to send myself to Europe on my own so working for KCD as a collection coordinator assistant (alongside Katie Mossman) was the best option. Though the hours were long, it never really felt like work. Being around gorgeous clothes at the Versace “house” on Via Gesu, staring at hot young guys in castings all day and eating fresh Italian food every night was a pretty great vacation. Thanks Donatella.


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